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Our SEO services are proven and utilize SEO best practices set forth by search engines. That’s right, we answer to Google. Not directly, we’ve spent years studying the ever-changing requirements outlined by Google, Bing and other search engines along their webmaster tool guidelines. We’ve seen what happens to spammers that don’t adhere and try link building tactics that attempt to trick search engines like Google. That’s why our process involves analyzing your website and looking for ways to improve what you have and offer services of how you can achieve more.


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We monitor several areas related to Internet Marketing and SEO, here are some:

  • Optimized Title Tags
  • Optimized Description Tags
  • Structured Markup & Testing for SERP Enhancements
  • Heading Tags Targeted Keywords
  • Robots.txt file Considerations
  • Redirects and Link Equity
  • Website menu & Navigation Creation (including Mega Menu)
  • Internal Linking Strategies & Siloing
  • UX (User Experience)
  • Anchor text & Internal Linking
  • Pagination Implementation via Canonical Tags
  • Content Evaluation
  • HTML & XML Sitemap Generation & Submission
  • Images & ALT Attributes
  • 404 Errors & Custom 404 Page
  • Webmaster Tools & Related Issues
  • Conversions & Analytics
  • Duplicate URLs & Canonical Tag Considerations
  • URL & Directory Structure
  • Removal for both Google Manual Action & Algorithmic Penalties
  • Image & Video Optimization Expertise
  • Secure HTTPS & Non-secure Server Issues
  • Backlink Profile & Trust Score
  • W3C Compliance Issues
  • Search Engine Ranking Tracking & Monitoring
  • Local SEO


Do we offer any form of guaranteed SEO services?

Our guarantee to you is that we will provide professional SEO services in accordance to SEO best practices, ALL WHITE-HAT SEO that will maximize your current web presence potential.


We’re works with many types of companies, Large and Small, from small businesses to Billion dollar global corporations. Our Internet Marketing Services are custom tailored to fit your specific needs and our prices are fair to fit your budget.


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